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Upload "Your Dogs Profile"
Just fill in the "Your Dogs Profile" form. Your dogs results don't automatically go onto the results table. We screen them for validity and believability first. So for example, if you have a miniature poodle that you claim can run at 50mph, it won't be making it onto the results table.

Speed must be recorded with a GPS data logger

There's a few reasons for this but essentially using a GPS data logger for recording speeds produces a data file that can be sent to us for verification. Send your data file (typically a ".fit" file or ".gpx" file) to......

Other methods of recording speed such as speed guns/radar guns, stopwatches and having your dog run alongside your car doesn't produce any verifiable data. Timing with a stopwatch over a given distance will only give you the "average" speed and we're interested in your dogs absolute top speed, not it's average.

Definition of SPEED

Speed shall be defined as the absolute maximum velocity (also known as V-Max, top speed, instantaneous speed) reached during a legitimate logged session by the dog wearing the GPS. There is no minimum period of time the top speed needs to be sustained and typically may only peak for less than a second during a sprint.

Legitimate Session
For a session to be legitimate, the only requirement is that the dog wearing the GPS is generating the speed itself, under it's own power and in the process of running. The dog can run on any surface. It can run into or with the wind. It can be running up hill, downhill or on a flat surface. It can be chasing a lure, frisbee, ball or running with other dogs while racing or playing.

Verification and testing
We run verification and testing on the data file you supply before we post your dogs profile and speed on the results table. Part of the verification process we use, involves overlaying your dogs data file in Google earth to check for location and movement. Dogs have very distinct acceleration, turning, stopping and movement characteristics which differentiate them from mechanical devices such as cars, motor bikes and lure coursing machines.