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  • Fantahomepage.jpgCurrent Top Speed - 81.3kph (50.5mph)

    In November 2013 we data logged "Fanta" a retired Greyhound at a top speed over 81kph! We are now in the process of organising to data log some race fit Greyhounds to see just how fast these four legged rockets can go. ............ stay tuned.


    Photo: Meagan Thomas

  • Trinityhomepage.jpgHow Fast Can a Three Legged Dog Run?

    The answer is 44kph (27mph). And to put that in perspective, it's also the top speed of the world's fastest man: Usain Bolt. Trinity, the three legged Greyhound was data logged in November 2013 at Victoria, Australia.


    Photo: Meagan Thomas


"World's Fastest Dogs" is the definitive international register of dog top speeds. Owners of any breed of dog from anywhere in the world can send us their fast dogs GPS recorded speed data for verification and once cleared, we will add it to our results table.